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Gettysburg Day 2: Meeting Real Life Heros

1234838_583692795029029_2104379243_nThere is one thing that has struck me about the Medal of Honor Convention in Gettysburg. It’s not the number of recipients who came, although there are nearly 50. It isn’t the wonderful job the people in Gettysburg are doing running a great convention, which they are.

The thing that has struck me is the recipients, and their attitudes at every event I have gone to.

The recipients are not haughty, not arrogant. They are not full of themselves or their accomplishments. They are comfortable telling people that they are not heroes, but that they were just doing what they could to help their unit.

The recipients we have had the opportunity to talk to are some of the nicest, most inviting people one could ever meet. They treat us with the utmost respect and when we interview them, they answer any question we ask them. To be honest for a college student, just being in the same room as these people is an honor, much less getting to interview them.

Today, we went to a town hall at Gettysburg College. It was moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News, and there were three Medal of Honor recipients present: Harvey Barnum, Sal Giunta and Clint Romesha.

Their words were amazing.

I had known a lot about all three before the town hall, but hearing their stories from them gives a new perspective on their lives. These are men who fought and did amazing things for our country. But hearing them on stage, it is striking to realize how little they care about the accolades or the honors. They just care about the men they served with.

“We fought not because we hated the man in front of us, but because we loved the man behind us,” said Medal of Honor recipient Salvatore Giunta.

These words sum up what it means to be a Medal of Honor recipient. Service without selfishness, honor and courage without glory.


The full video from the town hall will be available on our website early next week. Please check back.