• Medal of Honor Project subject of fall ’14 special topics course

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    20130921-141512.jpgThe Medal of Honor Project’s coverage of the 2014 Medal of Honor Convention will be the subject of a senior-level special topics course in the School of Journalism and Electronic Media at the University of Tennessee. Here are the details:

    Summary: The course will provide students the unique opportunity of producing numerous hours of live video during the convention and being on the production team of the documentary we create after the convention. 

    Specifics: During the first half of the course, students will learn to produce a live television event. Specifically, the course will cover the preproduction process (e.g., working with event organizers to understand the event, researching interview subjects, scouting locations, creating crew lists), the technical and storytelling elements of the production, and postproduction activities (e.g., conducting self critiques, archiving footage). During the convention, the students will use this knowledge to produce live coverage of the various events to be streamed on our website. Each group of students (2 to 3 students per group) will be given primary responsibility for producing at least one live event during the convention. For example, one group will be in charge of producing the live coverage of the concert at World’s Fair Park. They will plan our coverage, assign a crew, run pre-production meetings, and direct the live production.

    After the convention, our focus will shift toward documentary storytelling. Topics such as script writing, storyboarding, editing, and audio and video correction will be covered. During the second half of the course, the students will take the footage from the event they produced the live coverage for and condense it into a three to five minute segment for inclusion in the documentary. By the end of the semester, the class will produce a rough cut of the documentary. 

    If you are a student and are interested in being involved in this class, please contact Dr. Nick Geidner, assistant professor of journalism and director of the Medal of Honor Project. The course will be a 494 special topics course and will serve as a JEM or CCI elective. Admittance is by permission only, but open to all levels of student and all majors.